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Suppliers has successfully leveraged its expertise in e-commerce consulting and online marketing resources to assist companies market products to thousands of visitors for over. Let us help you market your products and services and let us handle the tough part (Website content development and management, merchandising, order processing, and customer service management). Regardless of whether you have one item or many more, we can support your entrepreneurial requirements. Do you have merchandise that is suitable for our target audience? Whether they are logoŽd college merchandise, clothing, cosmetics, gift baskets, or whatever, our marketplace is ideal for you. We send you the order electronically, you fulfill it and notify us when it's shipped. We do the following:

  • Build your custom catalog pages in the marketplace.
  • Promote your products in frequent mass e-mailings to target audiences, process orders and notify you via email.
  • Our E-commerce engine capabilities
    • tax & shipping calculations
    • product attributes (size, color, etc.)
    • coupons
    • search engines
    • discounting
    • special sales pricing
    • banner ads
  • you can even build the catalog pages on your Website and place order links for your visitors. The orders are automatically linked to our shopping cart for final payment and processing;
  • Shoppers to can use several forms of payment:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    • Discover
    • PayPal
    • FAX
    • Money Orders
    • Purchase Orders
  • Collect payment for the merchandise including your shipping expenses, minus our fees which covers the Web catalog hosting fees, credit card transaction fees, payment gateway fees, and our fees.
  • Provide a summary report of orders
  • Provide optional marketing support (special email marketing campaigns, merchandising analysis and consulting fulfillment services);
Contact us at 1-919-309-9126 or email us at to learn more.
Home | About Us | Talk to Us | Affiliates | Suppliers/Sponsors | Policies | Shopping Cart