Earl Mathis

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Review by Jasmine Kumalah, author of Holding Demons in Small Jars

“As a child growing up in a West African household I was raised on tales as old as time. Tales of mischievous creatures and adventurous children permeate my childhood. Earl Mathis in his book Table Fables draws from a powerful tradition of oral storytelling. Mathis transmits tales, that teach with the grace and intrigue, of much older tales. The Ashanti Adinkra symbols and the powerful lessons behind them serve as guides on a rural Carolina landscape, linking diaspora to the motherland. The tales told through the lives of animals amuse and yet leave the reader with a deeper lesson. I recommend this beautiful set of stories to any young reader, and to adult readers who might want to be transported to younger days. The stories are read easily and are the sort you might find yourself going back to again and again. Mathis in Table Fables has done what is often very hard to do. He has added a set of tales to a pantheon of childhood fables worthy of being passed on to generations to come.”